Honda Car Key Replacement by B&W Locksmith & Auto Calgary

Honda has changed their key fob and car security system in the most of 2003+ cars and some 2002+ and since then many car owners are complaining and reporting problems with their locks and car keys.

The Honda keys fobs and locks’ key-ways were changed to sidewinder type (4 track external) which is a very delicate system and after 5-8 years of use the problem accrues: the keys sometime won’t enter the locks/cylinder and most time if they do enter the locks/cylinder, they are jammed/stuck and just won’t turn.
This problem starts from the keys tip and progresses to the inner pieces/wafers/pins inside the lock/cylinder.
Most problems will appear on the Ignition locks or the doors.

Affordable Honda Car Key Replacement

In most cases the fix for this issue will be to replace the lock/cylinder or just the wafers/pins however, the Honda dealer usually charge anywhere from of $450 – $550 for to fix the issue and most of time after fixing it the customer will have to use a different key for the door than for the ignition. Furthermore, if the key problem is in the Honda ignition, the customer will have to tow the car to the dealer, leave it there and will accrue further cost.

B&W Locksmith & Auto has helped hundreds of Honda car owners with their key fobs. We are mobile, we come to the customer’s house or office, we solve this issue on site, on the same day and we usually charge $100 – $250 less than the dealer the same day.

  1. We can also cut new keys and program them (laser transponder keys).
  2. B&W Locksmith & Auto provides a 1-year warranty on our parts and work.