Subaru Car Key Replacement by B&W Locksmith & Auto Calgary

All Subaru cars made since 2012 use a Subaru proprietary key fob system that requires a long, complicated process to replace the car key.

If a Subaru car owner loses both keys, then they must tow the car to the dealer and wait 1-3 weeks for the new key fob to arrive. The new car keys will cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000.

Affordable Subaru Car Key Replacement

Throughout the years B&W Locksmith & Auto received dozens of requests from frustrated Subaru owners that asked us for help. Due to our extensive experience with all car makers we managed to develop a faster and cheaper solution to help Subaru car owners.

B&W Locksmith & Auto is the only car locksmith in the Calgary area that is able to program and replace your Subaru car key at the same day, do it at the client location and charge far less than Subaru dealership.

If you are a Subaru car owner, don’t wait to get locked out of your car, call us today and get an extra key fob for a great price.