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File Cabinet & Desk Locks - Replacement & Repair

A broken file cabinet lock or key can be annoying and can halt your workday. Contact us today, and one of our professional locksmiths will help replace the lock or key.

We have a vast inventory of hard to find key cylinders, cores, lock housings, complete locks & parts for all major office furniture desk file cabinet.
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Replacement Keys & Locks for Desks, Filing Cabinets, Drawers

When your file cabinet lock or key malfunctions, you are greatly interrupted during the workday.
Fortunately, most file cabinets have safety features to prevent break-ins.
If you are facing this predicament, you need a file cabinet lock replacement or key to get back into the filing cabinet.

No matter the type of file cabinet you have, replacing the lock or key is easy, whether lateral or vertical.
All you need is the help of B&W Locksmith Calgary.
You can provide us with a brand name, file cabinet style, and model number to the serial number found on the cabinet drawers.

Once we have the information, our locksmiths will be there to help solve the problem.  

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How Can Our Locksmiths Help With File Cabinet Lock Replacement?

If you have contacted the file cabinet manufacturer for a lock or key replacement and they will take too long, our skilled locksmiths can help replace or create a new key.
If we do not have a suitable key template, we can make a current key fit if it is not lost, or we can pick the lock. 

What You Should Not Do About a Lost File Cabinet Key

We know you are tempted to break the lock to enter the drawer, but it is a bad idea.
Only try to pry open the cabinet if you will replace the lock afterward.
Furthermore, if it is under warranty, prying it open will void it.
Instead, call us, and we will send one of the locksmiths to help.

After providing you with a new key or lock, we recommend keeping additional copies of the keys secure. 
We can provide you with duplicate keys to keep them safe.
An extra key prevents these inconveniences and saves you money in the long run. 

Contact B&W Locksmith Calgary For a File Cabinet Lock Replacement.

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