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At B&W Locksmith and Auto Calgary we feature a full line of safe opening and installation services. If you keep valuables and/or firearms in the house a wall safe, floor safe or gun safe can be a great option. The home safe is a common sense alternative to the safe deposit box because it allows you to have your valuables at your beck and call yet secure them from theft or damage at the same time. Home safes are typically hidden from view and in many cases not even all family members will be aware mom and dad have a hidden safe in their walk-in closet or under the floorboards.

Discreet, Professional Safe Installation

There is no sense having a home safe if everyone and their brother knows it’s there. That’s why our safe opening and installation services are always handled in a completely discreet fashion. As far as anyone else knows you’re having a lock installed on your back door or on the door leading to the basement. How long the installation takes and exactly what’s involved will depend on the size of the safe and the location you choose for installation.

All of our rules about discretion go double for gun safes as it’s critical that as few people as possible

A) know you keep firearms in the house and

B) know where you keep them.

The Drop Safe for Businesses

If you own a business that deals in cash you’re going to want a drop safe to store your daily take along with any important documents that are generated throughout the day. You may also want to purchase what’s known as a “fire safe”. That’s because, while all safes provide some measure of protection against fires, most standard safes will fail under prolonged exposure to extreme heat and you’ll lose whatever flammable materials were stored within.

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How a Drop Safe Works

Drop safes feature a slot through which cash and/or important documents are deposited. That slot typically leads to a safe on the opposite side of a wall which is accessible only to those with the key, combination or access code. In this way employees can make deposits during the day rather than letting cash accumulate behind the service counter or in the cash register and the owner can retrieve that money at day’s end. A good drop safe is virtually impervious to thieves and is an excellent way to regulate temptation in employees and anyone who may be casing your business. Drop safes are normally bolted to the floor or somehow affixed to the wall and there is typically no way or need to keep their existence a secret.

Safe Opening and Installation in Calgary

Safe opening
Safe Opening and Installation in Calgary

In addition to offering complete safe installation services for home and business we also offer a full line of safe opening services as well. That’s because, not only do people have safes installed in their home or office, they also lose the key or forget their combination or access code with surprising frequency. When that happens they need help, and in the case of businesses, they typically need it fast. Exactly which method we employ to gain access to a safe depends on the safe itself of course. But whichever method we choose we make sure to minimize any potential impact either on the safe or its contents.

Safe Opening and Installation in Calgary
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Dial safes can typically be cracked by the master locksmiths of B&W in fairly short order. In addition, many safes have backup key slots. If that is the case with your safe we may be able to gain access through that slot. In a small number of cases we may need to employ more drastic measures. But again, we take extra care to ensure none of your valuables are damaged or lost in the process.

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A safe can be an invaluable addition to your home allowing you to secure valuables that you don’t want to be left lying around, or stored in some faraway safe deposit box. A drop safe is a necessity if you deal in cash on a regular basis. At B&W Locksmith and Auto Calgary we install both at very competitive rates and also offer best in the business safe opening and installation services.