Locksmith Services For Cannabis Dispensaries in Calgary

Secure your Cannabis Dispensary with top-tier locksmith services designed specifically for your business’s unique needs.
From high-security locks to advanced access control systems, ensure your dispensary’s safety and compliance. 
Utilizing a locksmith’s expertise in advanced locking mechanisms and security systems guarantees both the safety of your business assets and the trust of your customers. 
High security locks

High-security locks offer superior resistance to picking, drilling, and other tampering methods, reducing the risk of break-ins. 

Key control
A restricted keyway lock is designed to prevent unauthorized duplication of keys. Requires you to be on a signature card in order to have keys copied.   
Protect Cannabis and Marijuana facilities from break-ins

Cannabis Dispensaries in Calgary face many security challenges, especially the risk of break-ins, not to mention shops that could experience theft from clients.
For this reason, it helps to have the best locksmith services for cannabis dispensaries.
B&W Locksmith Calgary has the expertise to make your cannabis dispensary safe.

Understanding The Cannabis Dispensary Risks

Just last month, the Calgary Herald placed a shocking story about a store clerk kicked unconscious in a violent cannabis robbery.
But that is not all; dozens of cannabis dispensary outlets have been robbed since mid-November 2023.
They tie up the staff, and in some cases, they are beaten severely.

So, this shows that weed dispensaries will need to up their game with locksmith security services.
Weed dispensaries face many common vulnerabilities:

  • Not having enough surveillance
  • Weak Locks
  • Educating staff of potential risks
  • The lack of a secure storage  

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How We at B&W Locksmith Calgary Can Help

B&W Locksmith Calgary has the experience and expertise with satisfied dispensary clients to provide security solutions for your cannabis dispensary in Calgary.

We provide a fast and reliable service with a quick response time if security is breached or a lock malfunctions, leaving your business at risk. Furthermore, we provide continuous support, offering ongoing maintenance services to ensure your security system is effective.

But how can we provide you with the security you need? 

We Instal High-Security Locks

High Security LocksWith high security locks, you get outstanding security levels from deadbolt electronic locks to padlocks that are drilling and picking resistant, plus it has unauthorized duplication. 

Get Access Control Systems

With the access control system, you can control it from a single computer or use it standalone, not needing a PC.

Access control software allows you to control different security aspects, such as who has access to your building.
Who receives cards or codes to access doors, and when do you give that person a card to operate the door?

With our help, we can set you up with standalone kits, wireless remote buzz-in kits, and networkable software kits.

Other Security Measures

Furthermore, we can also help with installing:

  • Alarm integration with the locks and access control system gives immediate alerts if an unauthorized entry occurs.
  • We also provide safe and vault services designed explicitly for cannabis suppliers to secure products and cash.
  • Lastly, we also provide custom security plans as each cannabis dispenser’s needs differ and must comply with local laws and regulations.


For more assistance in getting your cannabis dispensary in Calgary secured, our staff knows the federal regulations that govern weed dispensaries.
We can help put in measures to ensure you and your staff remain safe.  

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When looking at the robberies taking place at cannabis dispensaries, it is crucial to start thinking of your business’s safety. Contact us today to help set up an access control system for your cannabis dispensary tailored according to your needs.   

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