Rapid & Responsive Commercial Locksmith Services

B&W Locksmith Calgary has the skills, experience, and knowledge to meet all organization’s commercial locksmith needs.
Our years of experience have served commercial and government organizations with state-of-the-art locks, doors, keys, and security needs. 

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In Need of Commercial Locksmith Assistance?

Every business is a bit different and each has slightly different security needs.
But just as all online businesses need a beefy layer of protection to keep them safe from hackers and malware so too all brick and mortar companies need tough, durable locks on their doors to keep intruders at bay.
B&W Locksmith and Auto, Calgary are a full service commercial locksmith company that provides state of the art, 21st century locksmith services to businesses great and small. 

Contact us  to assist you with our equipped mobile locksmith vans. 

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Wide range of Commercial locksmith

No matter your lock and key concerns, we provide you with unique locksmith services for the following: 

Commercial Lock Replacement

Commercial Lock Replacement

We provide commercial lock replacements no matter the reason. Our vans are fully equipped with replacement locks at competitive prices.

Master Key Systems

Master Key Systems

If you own a business, you know you must protect your property. An effective way to achieve this is to install a master key system.

High-Security Locks

Contact us for all your high-security lock needs to provide an added layer of protection against unauthorized entry. 

Cannabis Dispensaries Security

B&W Locksmith are skilled in installing advanced security solutions tailored to the unique vulnerabilities of cannabis dispensaries.    

Panic Bar Installation and Repair

While it’s important to employees and customers, ensuring their safety is essential. Panic bars are critical in providing an easy and fast exit for all. 

File Cabinet Locks

Desk, and File Cabinet Locks

Whether you have a faulty lock on a desk, showcase, or file cabinet, our professional technicians can help fix or replace the lock. 

Door closer

Door closer

They play a vital role in maintaining building security, accessibility, and safety while also contributing to energy efficiency and comfort.

Commercial key duplication

Commercial key duplication

Commercial key duplication services are often provided by professional locksmiths and key cutting services that specialize in commercial security.

Safe Opening

That’s why our safe opening and installation services are always handled in a completely discreet fashion.

Automatic Door Opener

our automatic door openers come with a push button, adding flexibility to the accessibility equation. 

Handicap Door Opener

Are you looking to improve the accessibility of your commercial space in Calgary to make it handicap-accessible? 

Access Control Systems

Control access to your commercial organization by installing a high-security access control system with B&W Locksmith Calgary. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all the answers here to learn more about locksmith services.
Many of the questions we can answer in greater depth in person or via phone.
If you want to learn more about everything we can do, give B&W Automotive Locksmith a call.
We are always ready to speak to new clients. 

A high-security lock has an enhanced security design to protect against unauthorized entry.
Compared to traditional locks, you can easily pick or drill them, but this is impossible with a high-security lock. Some features included with these locks are that they are drill, bump, and pick-resistant. 

If an employee has lost their access or key card, you can contact us for a replacement.
But if it is not the first time, we recommend that the employee pay for the replacement card or key at cost. 

A commercial locksmith can help with business security needs at different employee levels.
B&W Locksmith Calgary can install new locks, create master critical systems and provide access control systems to different building areas.  

Our locksmiths can provide a master key system service for all business sizes.
We can install a master key system using the existing door locks to save you time and money. 

We provide emergency commercial locksmith services available 24/7 for all emergency needs.
No matter your time of day and problem, we are always on call.
Whether you have a lockout, broken access card, or malfunctioning master key system, we will send someone out to fix it.