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24/7 Residential Locksmith: Your First Line of Home Defense

To ensure the safety of the home, you need top-quality security.
This is where B&W Locksmith Calgary makes your home our top priority. We provide a full spectrum of locksmith services for residential properties. 

Our professional licensed locksmiths have the expertise to respond fast to the locksmith service you need.
We provide emergency services for residential locks and key concerns.
We provide a locksmith service that best suits your needs.

Contact us 24 hours daily to assist you with our equipped mobile response locksmith vans. 

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Wide range of Residential locksmith

No matter your lock and key concerns, we provide you with unique locksmith services for the following: 

Mobile locksmiths are a valuable resource for anyone who encounters lock and key problems, offering efficient, timely, and on-location solutions to address a wide range of locksmith needs.

We offer a wide variety of door locks, including keypad, pushbutton locks, cypher locks, deadbolts, high-security locks, and interchangeable core locks.

Lock Installation

The locksmith will ensure that the new lock fits the door properly, functions smoothly, and provides the desired level of security.

Lock rekey

Whether you are moving into a new apartment or home, you can trust us to help you with lock rekeying. 

Never break a window when you are locked out of the house, whether your key is stolen, lost, or damaged. B&W Locksmith Calgary provides you with a convenient emergency lockout service 24/7 daily. 

Yes, locksmiths can replace mailbox locks. If you need to replace the lock on your mailbox, a professional locksmith can help you with this task.

Locksmiths can help you choose a smart lock that’s compatible with your door type, existing hardware, and security needs. 

High security locks are becoming more and more popular today as thieves become more and more determined and increasingly brazen.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all the answers here to learn more about locksmith services.
Many of the questions we can answer in greater depth in person or via phone.
If you want to learn more about everything we can do, give B&W Automotive Locksmith a call.
We are always ready to speak to new clients. 

Yes, our locksmiths can open your locked door without causing damage to the lock. We use non-destructive ways to enter a property to ensure no lock or door damage. 

A locksmith can make a key using a lock impression without decoding the lock when no original key is present. Our technicians will use a blank key to insert into the lock and turn it. In turn, the pins press against the key, leaving indentation marks where they must cut it. 

Whether you need a high-security lock in the home depends, but they come highly recommended. They provide solutions where a standard lock fails. They come with added features to help protect the house from break-ins. 

Yes, a well-built smart lock is secure for residential use as it has little risk of being hacked. The reason is that most thieves need to learn how to break into these sophisticated smart locks. 

If you have a mailbox not owned by the USPS, you can have a duplicate key made by a locksmith. But if a USPS owns that mailbox, you must request a duplicate key through them at a fee. A locksmith can also provide you with a key for the file cabinet. 

B&W Locksmith Calgary presents all residents with a guarantee on the products installed or repaired. Manufacturers offer a one-year product warranty if something goes wrong when installed, and you must contact the brand provider.
But you will also get an added guarantee on the locksmith service offered.