Automatic Door Opener Installation: A Gateway to Accessibility

An automatic door opener serves as a gateway to improved accessibility. Whether you’re looking to install one for convenience, compliance, or to accommodate individuals with disabilities, B&W Locksmith has you covered. 

Automated door systems Service Calgary

Automatic Door Operators Installers: Expertise You Can Trust

Our skilled team consists of experienced automatic door operators and installers dedicated to delivering precision and reliability in every installation.
We take pride in our commitment to excellence, ensuring that your automated door opener functions seamlessly and provides easy access to your space. 

Accessibility Door Opener: Tailored Solutions for All

At B&W Locksmith, we recognize the importance of creating inclusive environments for all.
For this reason, we provide Calgary automatic door openers for commercial convenience with the following:

Automatic Door Opener for Disabled Individuals

Our specialized automatic door opener for disabled individuals is crafted to address unique accessibility requirements, ensuring effortless and dignified entry and exit experiences for everyone.

The solution promotes a barrier-free environment, enhancing accessibility for individuals with diverse mobility challenges. 

These systems can be customized with various features to ensure they meet the specific needs of users. Here are some key features often found in automatic door openers designed for disabled individuals:

  • Push Buttons
  • Motion Sensors
  • Remote Control Activation
  • Touchless Activation

Automatic Door Opener with Push Button

In our commitment to convenience, our automatic door openers come with a push button, adding flexibility to the accessibility equation.
The thoughtful feature empowers individuals to effortlessly activate the door, fostering a user-friendly experience for everyone.

Whether accommodating diverse needs or enhancing overall ease of use, the push button mechanism personifies an inclusive space where individuals can navigate their surroundings with unparalleled convenience and comfort.

Elevate your entry experience with this seamless and adaptable solution, tailored to prioritize accessibility and enhance the overall functionality of your space. 

Automatic Door Opener for Disabled Individuals

Automatic Door Installation: Professional and Efficient

No matter what your automatic door opener needs, our technicians can help with the following:   

Wheelchair Accessible Door Solutions

Our commitment to accessibility extends to providing wheelchair-accessible door solutions.
We ensure that our installations accommodate the diverse needs of individuals with mobility challenges, creating an inclusive environment. 

Automatic Door Openers for Commercial Spaces

We provide automatic door installation for commercial spaces, ranging from retail establishments to offices and healthcare facilities.
Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each setting, ensuring optimal functionality and accessibility. 

Exploring Specialized Options

If you need handicap door opener installers near me, give us a call today as we provide: 

Low Energy Swing Door Operators

Consider the efficiency and convenience of Low Energy Swing Door Operators.
These operators are designed for spaces where a slower door movement is preferred, enhancing safety and accessibility. 

Fully Automatic Swing Door Opener

Experience the ultimate convenience with a Fully Automatic Swing Door Opener.
This option provides a hands-free solution, making it ideal for high-traffic areas and spaces where hygiene is a top priority. 

Typical Automatic Door Opener Installations

Each industry has its distinct needs for security and safety, and understanding these unique demands is crucial.
Elevate and safeguard your business with our all-encompassing, integrated automated security solutions. Below is a list of the various industries we cater to. 

Office Buildings

Office Buildings


Airport & Transportation

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

Government Buildings

Government Buildings

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities

Office Buildings

Auto Door Opener in Calgary

Elevate Your Space with B&W Locksmith

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Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring that your doors  become a symbol of accessibility and convenience. 

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