Access Control Systems Installation Service

B&W Locksmith has provided access control system installations and services in Calgary for over ten years.
We are expert access control installers who can design, supply, and install customized keyless entry systems, including key fob and card reader systems for homes and businesses.

Our Access Control Systems Keep You Secure

Door entry systems allow you to control who can enter your home or business.
Access can be restricted to certain times of day or individuals granted access permissions.
A key fob door entry system provides an extra layer of security and convenience.

access control system installations Calgary

B&W Locksmith offers complete access control system design, installation, and support. We provide:

  • Fob key system – Allow touchless entry using a wireless key fob
  • Keypad door entry systems – Enter access codes to release the door lock
  • Biometric door entry systems – Scan fingerprints or retinas to unlock doors
  • Card reader door entry systems – Present credential cards/badges to gain entry
  • Video intercom door entry – Connect intercoms and cameras to control access¬†

We install access control systems for all types of properties, including:

  • Residential homes
  • Apartment and condo buildings
  • Commercial offices
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Medical centers
  • Government buildings
  • Educational institutions¬†

Whatever the application, we will design suitable commercial key fob door entry systems and seamlessly integrate them with your existing doors, locks, and security systems.

Access Control Systems Installation for New and Existing Buildings

Access Control Systems Installation for New and Existing Buildings

B&W Locksmith can install access control in both new construction and existing buildings.
We work with architects and builders to integrate keyless entry during the initial construction of new buildings.

We can retrofit access control systems for existing properties with minimal disruption to your business or home.
Our expert technicians will evaluate your current setup and recommend the optimal access points to secure.

Once installed, we can program and manage your access control system remotely, granting and revoking access permissions on demand.
We also provide full support and maintenance to keep your system updated and functioning smoothly.

Advanced Key Fob Entry System For Buildings

Key Fob Entry System For Buildings

Many clients request access control systems that allow key fob or smartphone entry.
We offer advanced options for door entry key fob systems, including:

  • Long-range Bluetooth key fob entry systems – Unlock from up to 50ft away
  • Mobile credential apps – Unlock via app on your phone
  • Biometric mobile access – Use fingerprint or facial recognition
  • License plate recognition – Automatically open gates and garage doors

We design custom door security systems for large commercial sites, providing flexibility and advanced security.

Trust Calgary's Access Control Experts

Trust Calgary's Access Control Experts

Refrain from settling for basic outdated keypad codes for your building security.
B&W Locksmith offers a modern commercial key fob door lock system that is convenient, intelligent, and highly secure.

As specialists in access control, we have the experience to get your system designed and installed correctly the first time.

Contact us today for a free quote on upgrading your access control!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our expert technicians install the access control panel and door hardware, then wire the doors to the control board.
We program access credentials and permissions and test the system thoroughly.
Installation requires minimal disruption to a property.

We recommend key fobs, keypads, or mobile access for most properties.
The optimal solution depends on your budget, security needs, and preferences.
Our team will advise the best options after assessing your facility.

When properly installed, wireless access systems are highly secure.
Signals are encrypted to prevent hacking. As industry leaders, we only install access control from trusted top-tier manufacturers.

Yes, our access control systems allow complete remote administration.
We can manage user permissions, run reports, and troubleshoot issues without concerns.

Costs vary based on the scale of your facility and the technology selected.
Keypad systems start around $2,000; advanced mobile access can be $10,000+.
We provide customized quotes tailored to your specific project requirements.

We offer complete support and maintenance packages to keep your system optimized.
We can update, troubleshoot, and monitor your access control system with remote administration whenever needed.