Mailbox Lock Replacement

Have you lost your mailbox keys? Are you looking for a mailbox lock replacement near me? B&W Locksmith in Calgary is your mailbox key locksmith who can help. 

Whether you need a condo, apartment or commercial space mailbox key replacement service, we are the people to call.

mailbox key replacement service

Apartment & Condo Mailbox Lock Replacement

Can a locksmith replace a mailbox lock? Yes, we can, as our locksmiths have the expertise to replace your mailbox locks securely.

Our technicians are certified to handle the situation and will recommend a change mailbox lock service if needed.

We are available 24/7 for mailbox lock change services.
We work with all types of mailbox locks and can assure you that your mailbox will be safe and secure quickly. 

What to Do if You Lose Your Mailbox Key?

Sometimes, people pick a mailbox lock, or you need to place your keys. Yes, we know most people have moved to email, but you still need a mailbox and key to get entry.
B&W Locksmith & Auto Blackfoot Trail can help replace the mailbox lock without the key.
We are specialized, so no matter the type of mailbox you have or the locking mechanism or keys, we can open your mailbox lock for you.
We can:

  • Replace mailbox locks and cylinders
  • Provide you with duplicate keys even if you do not have one present
  • We can replace the entire locking system or upgrade it if desired

Moved to a new condo and don't have a mailbox key? call today!

Your Trusted Mailbox Key Replacement Provider

We understand how important it is to keep your mailbox safe. Our team of locksmiths is certified to help quickly.
They will quickly replace a broken or lost mailbox key to lock.
Our staff uses the right tools and knowledge to do a complete mailbox key replacement efficiently and fast.

Now, you may wonder, “Do locksmiths or Canada Post replace condo mailbox locks?” The answer is that locksmiths can help replace a condo mailbox lock, but Canada Post does not provide a mailbox lock replacement service.

The owner or property manager is responsible for maintaining the mailbox.
B&W Locksmith Calgary can provide duplicate or replacement keys for all types of mailboxes, including apartment complexes, residential, specialty boxes, multi-unit systems, and commercial mailboxes, including post office boxes.  

Mailbox Services Offered
No matter what your mailbox is concerned, we provide services for:

  • Lost mailbox keys
  • Mailbox lock change
  • Opening any type of mailbox  
  • Extract a broken key from the mailbox lock
  • Make an extra key for your mailbox lock

Get a Fast Mailbox Lock Service Today

B&W Locksmith Calgary is ready to take your call for mailbox lock replacement or key service.
Call our experienced locksmiths today for fast mailbox lock service.
They understand that your mailbox security is a top priority and will do the job efficiently and quickly.
Our team looks forward to keeping your mailbox secure and safe! 

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