Common symptoms of ignition switch problems

BNW Road Assistance

There are various symptoms of ignitions switch problems, but the most common are, Key is not coming out smoothly Key is not going in the ignition smoothly Key is turning but not starting the vehicle Key is rough when turning Key is being sticky Car doesn’t start. Ignition Key is getting stuck run position Ignition […]

Mercedes-Benz Car Key Replacement | B&W Locksmith & Auto, Calgary

Same Day Service for Mercedes Car Key Replacement A customer with Mercedes Benz E320 called about his key fob as it key was working on and off until it stopped working altogether.We came to the client house, diagnosed the problem and concluded that the key fob was damaged and needed to be replaced. Only locksmith […]

Subaru Car Key Replacement | key fob replacement

Subaru Car Key Replacement by B&W Locksmith & Auto Calgary All Subaru cars made since 2012 use a Subaru proprietary key fob system that requires a long, complicated process to replace the car key. If a Subaru car owner loses both keys, then they must tow the car to the dealer and wait 1-3 weeks for […]

Honda Car Key Replacement | Key Fob Replacement

Honda Car Key Replacement by B&W Locksmith & Auto Calgary Honda has changed their key fob and car security system in the most of 2003+ cars and some 2002+ and since then many car owners are complaining and reporting problems with their locks and car keys. The Honda keys fobs and locks’ key-ways were changed […]