Safes and Locks for Marijuana Dispensaries and Suppliers

Safes and Locks for Marijuana Dispensaries

Written by Bobby Maze.
Master Locksmith at B&W Locksmith Calgary

Since medical marijuana has been legalized, it has gained acceptance.
Business can be complex while things are still developing for growers and cannabis dispensaries.
Over the past year, we have seen marijuana dispensaries face many issues. 

Issues Marijuana Dispensaries Face

Issues Marijuana Dispensaries Face

The biggest risk marijuana dispensaries in Calgary face is break-ins compared to your typical businesses.
As weed is found in massive amounts, it involves a lot of cash, making weed dispensaries a big target.

Furthermore, obtaining insurance is difficult for this type of business, leaving you with many expenses paid out of the business’s pockets, leading to significant losses.
Even getting a start-up loan is difficult, not to mention banking concerns, leaving you to keep loads of cash on-site.

Lastly, as a marijuana dispensary or grower, you keep facing changes in local, federal, and state regulations.
In turn, this leads to loads of spending with wasted money yearly to get your business up to standard.
But what can you do to save your valuable product and cash? B&W Locksmith Calgary is here to help. 

Security Measures for Marijuana Dispensaries and Suppliers in Calgary

Security Measures for Marijuana Dispensaries and Suppliers in Calgary

One of the best ways to provide physical security is by installing high-quality safes and locks to hardware and vaults.
You can take further measures by installing cameras and alarm and monitoring systems. Here are some products that we can install to improve your business security:

High-Security Locks

high security locks installationYou must ensure your buildings are fitted with high-security locks.
We recommend not using residential door locks and using commercial-grade ones that are stronger instead.
A registered key system prevents duplicate keys when handing them out to employees.
We recommend upgrading to a keyless system to remove keys altogether. 

Top Security Safes

Safes for Marijuana Dispensaries

Another way for marijuana dispensaries to save cash is to install a safe or vault.
We can help you with quality safes to protect your money and inventory.
Contact us to discuss your security needs today. 

Get Your Safes and Locks for Marijuana Dispensaries and Suppliers in Calgary NOW!

You can face significant financial losses when you do not have insurance and suffer a robbery.
With physical security in place, it will help minimize the loss that can happen. Furthermore, as insurance companies require, you may need to install a vault.

According to insurance, you must install a TL-15 safe to get coverage.
As marijuana laws become more relaxed by the federal government, suppliers will also need to comply with the exact requirements of other businesses that deal with different forms of substances.

If you have invested in a cheap safe, you must spend more on a TL-15 vault. B&W Locksmith Calgary can help protect your cannabis business.
We provide different security measures, from locks, access control systems, and safes to vault doors.

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