High Security Locks

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High security locks are just that: locks that provide an enhanced level of security for your home or business. They are typically difficult, if not virtually impossible to pick, difficult to overcome with a brute force attack and in some cases bypass the use of keys. High security locks are becoming more and more popular today as thieves become more and more determined and increasingly brazen. At B&W Locksmith Calgary we feature an array of highly secure locks by brand name manufactures and install them at prices you’ll find very competitive.

The Characteristics of High Security Locks

In some cases it can be difficult to tell the difference between a high security lock and a standard lock simply by looking at it. That because in most cases the differences are not on the surface at all but hidden away inside the lock mechanism itself. When selecting a high security lock for your home or business you’ll want to make sure it has most of the following characteristics:

  • High metal content – As is the case with many things today door lock manufacturers have taken to using plastic as a cheap substitute for metal in their locks. It’s not always obvious because plastic can be made to convincingly mimic the look and feel of metal. What it can’t mimic is the weight of real metal. Before you buy a lock hold it in your hand and feel its weight. If it’s real metal it will feel like a big heavy stone in your hand.
  • Internal complexity – This is a crucial component of any decent high security lock mechanism but it can be nearly impossible to determine visually. You’ll need to read the material that comes with the lock and describes its various attributes. What you want to read is that the lock is virtually impervious to being picked. Or other words that mean essentially the same thing. Lock manufacturers aren’t allowed to boast about such things if they aren’t true.
  • Strength of the Bolt – Did you know that the majority of home intruders come in through the front door? Well, they do. If the deadbolt on your lock is made of low grade metal or is short or the screws holding the strike plate in place are only ½” long a determined intruder will be able to kick the door open, sure that one of these weak links will give way. You want a bolt that is nice and long and made from hardened steel, with strike plate screws at least 1” long and longer if possible.
  • Access to keys – Keys for standard bolt locks can be reproduced just about anywhere. True high security locks, however, will have patented keys that are not available at just any old hardware store. This limits proliferation of keys which can often lead to a key falling into the wrong hands. Even so, you are going to want to have a spare set of keys around in case of emergency. The issue then is where to keep them so that you retain control over front door access.
  • Anti-drilling features – While some intruders prefer the brute force method of entry where they simply kick in your door, others take a more subtle approach. They walk up to your door, take a portable drill out of their bag and drill through your standard lock, causing it to open. Any decent security locks will have ample protection against drilling. This may include an anti-drill plate and/or internal protections for the shear line and set screws.

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Cost Considerations

As with most things in life you’ll mostly get what you pay for when it comes to high security locks. That said here are some of the considerations that weigh on pricing:

  • The brand name
  • Metal type and content
  • Anti-drilling features
  • Core complexity (anti picking capability)
  • Installation costs

When you have the pros from B&W install security locks on your Calgary home or business you’ll get the highest level of protection for the most attractive price possible. You can also rest assured that the lock is installed properly and will perform up to its full capabilities if ever put to the test. Call us on 403-313-7882 to learn more about high security locks.